Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Words cannot describe...

The Yankees need Carl Pavano to produce something. And I want him to succeed. But then I hear stories like this:

Team sources say Pavano may have to testify in Tampa later this month in a hearing over his non-payment of the commission on his $39.95 million Yankees deal. The commission should amount to close to $2 million, assuming the standard agents' fee of five percent. Get a load of this. Apparently, Pavano's contention is the agent should have gotten at least $40 million, not just a mere $39.95 million (for a lifetime losing pitcher, no less). So Pavano is handling it by paying nothing.

Holy shit. What an asshole. I hope this is just the Jon Heyman getting it wrong, but since he doesn't do that all that often... well, we could make that strange but true sports stories book and trade him for a case of baseballs.

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