Monday, February 19, 2007

So long, San Francisco...

It seems like we just got here. Actually, seeing as it was less than 36 hours ago that we landed, we DID just get here. And while we didn't quite do everything we wanted (the Dashiell Hammett walking tour book is out of print, hasn't been at City Lights in years), we DID hit two of my favorite San Francisco stores, tooled around the Haight, saw the sea lions at the pier, and scaled Coit Tower for an amazing view of the Bay. Phe Nom In AL. Went to dinner with a bunch of Risleyites (and out for drinks after as well).

We didn't spend nearly as much time here as I would've liked... I feel like I'd want to do at least a week here by itself to do it properly. But that said, it was still a tremendous time. I missed you, San Francisco, and will be back soon (hopefully sooner than 7.5 years).

Next, on to Monterey... more sea life and fun with friends! More views of the water!

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