Monday, December 25, 2006

A sad day for music...

"Disco is James Brown, hip-hop is James Brown, rap is James Brown, you know what I'm saying? You hear all the rappers, 90 percent of their music is me," --James Brown

and you know what? He's right.

I only got to see him once. It was a free show at the River to River Festival in Manhattan a few years ago, with Antibalas, the hardest Afrobeat soldiers in the world, opening up for him. It was an amazing experience. First, Antibalas was amped up and played a sick set. And then there was James Brown. Wow. What an incredible set. So much energy. I can't move like that now, never mind when I'm nearly 70.

We'll miss you, Godfather.


Blogger ahavatcafe said...

I used to have a 2 foot tall dancing james brown doll that sang "I feel good and danced" Z'L soul papa!

7:42 PM  
Blogger General Anna said...

Say it loud...

6:27 PM  

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