Monday, November 27, 2006

Surviving the summit

HAWK 1 (the political nerd in me tends to do things like this, see: KZB), the very first meeting of my parents, and Knucklehead's parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and Mom-mom (maternal grandmother) went off fairly well. Certainly as well as reasonably expected. Momma K made a shitload of food, Dad broke out his ten gallon hat (yes, I'm not kidding) and hung out with the HWs while they briefly turned the den of my youth into a little Dallas Cowboys outpost. Godofpoool was pleased at that, but I was anything but. Freaking Cowboys.

Seriously, it all went pretty well. Not only did the families get along well, but Knucklehead's parents seemed to like the venue and caterer for you know what, which is a mere 9 months away.


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