Friday, January 12, 2007

"For threatening my baby, unborn and unnamed/you ain't worth the blood that runs through your veins"

I had a long post in mind for tonight- a real update on my life, some philosophical viewpoints on why I'm missing Limmud and my struggle for balance between my Jewish life and my secular life. Even toucing on my brother the Federale and how the Rangers are really disappointing.

But, like everything else in life these days, it seems the Escalator (or Chimpy McFuckface) gets what he wants. And now he has his escalation:

ATHENS (Reuters) - An explosion ripped through the U.S. embassy compound in central Athens on Friday, a police source said.

It was not clear what caused the blast and there was no immediate word on whether there were any casualties.

Police cordoned off all roads around the embassy.

Police officials at the scene said that whatever caused the explosion damaged the official embassy sign outside the mission, but there was little other indication of the extent of damage inside.

CNN caught the story next, noted the time, which verified the math Knucklehead and I were doing in our messed up little heads:

The spokeswoman did not give immediate details on the cause, size or scope of the blast, but local media reported it occurred around 5:55 a.m. (10:55 p.m. ET).

I think I'm going to get a good sized bottle of woodford reserve for this weekend. I could use it now.

As Mr. Z said:

Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build the big bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks

You that never done nothin'
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it's your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly

Like Judas of old
You lie and deceive
A world war can be won
You want me to believe
But I see through your eyes
And I see through your brain
Like I see through the water
That runs down my drain

You fasten the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
When the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansion
As young people's blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud

You've thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain't worth the blood
That runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn
You might say that I'm young
You might say I'm unlearned
But there's one thing I know
Though I'm younger than you
Even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul

And I hope that you die
And your death'll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I'll watch while you're lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I'll stand o'er your grave
'Til I'm sure that you're dead


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