Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 5: Even Jews go to church on Ash Wednesday...

Yesterday was our longest driving day, as we ran the 230 miles between Cayucos and LA. Woke up at our great suite at the Cayucos Sunset Inn and looked out on balcony view of the ocean. Not bad... tasty breakfast of waffles and sausages for me, oatmeal and fruit for Knucklehead, as we headed further down the coast towards LA. We stopped in Santa Barbara for a tasty lunch at the Sojourner Cafe (picked out for some good veggie options for Knucklehead) and then, we did what any good Jews in Santa Barbara would do on Ash Wednesday. We want to the Santa Barbara Mission. The chapel was really beautiful, and there were a lot of interesting artifacts around the place. After that, we hopped back on the highway towards LA and got our first taste of it around 30 miles out... rush hour traffic. Knucklehead was doing the driving, luckily for me. Eventually, we made our way to the Santa Monica Pier to see another beautiful pacific sunset. These are the things that make me happy. That, and Ms. Pac Man, which I played on the pier. We met up with Knucklehead's cousin JR, M and her beau for some amazing mexican food in Santa Monica, Lulu. I left the crew to catch Houston Person at Charlie O's in Van Nuys. He played an INCREDIBLE SET. Then, I made my way back to Museum Mile to Molly Molloy's for more drinks with JR and Knucklehead, and caught a great punk-celtic band there on the way back to JR's place.

Now we're in San Diego and awaiting WA's DE-FENSE! The sun is peaking out, and I have a good feeling.

De-FENSE clapclap De-FENSE clapclap

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