Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 4: There is so much magnificence in the ocean...

Can't blog too long, as Knucklehead and I got a great deal on a b&b room by the ocean and want to enjoy it, but yesterday was our lone day to ourselves and it was awesome! First, PCH 1 was a-ma-zing. I'm someone who advocates less driving, but for this, I'd make an exception. We drove 90 of the most incredible miles I've ever seen yesterday... jagged rocks and mountains covered in green, red, yellows overlooking beaches and the ocean. And we had absolutely stunning weather most of the way. Words cannot describe it. Knucklehead did the bulk of the driving (she feels like I don't let her drive enough in NY) She picked out an awesome hike in Big Sur (by awesome, I mean not too hard and beautiful) that lead through a small swath of forest and ended by an inlet right on the water. She also picked a good place to eat, Nepenthe, which sat on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean. There was a 40 percent markup on the food, but it was pretty darn good and the view was worth it. We also stopped by hearst castle, which was opulent beyond words. Feeling not as hungry and not as opulent, we stopped at a diner across the street for dinner. Turns out that coming to Cayucos on Fat Tuesday was a great idea for the deal we got on our awesome b&b, but not so smart for dinner, as some restaurants were closed, and others were having crawfish bakes for Fat Tuesday (Knucklehead would not have liked that).

today, it's on to LA. Santa monica, venice, and van nuys for Houston Person. can't wait!

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