Tuesday, February 20, 2007

San Francisco gives us a parting gift, and the beauty of Monterey Bay...

The trek continues along quite well. Day 3 is winding down a little early as we've got a great, glorious, and packed day ahead of us. So much going on, but here's the recap:

Woke up. Didn't choke up. Saw my AK, it was broke up.

(sorry, old habits0

Despite T's perfect combination of firm and comfy mattress, I was up at 7. Again. I hope I wake up then today because we need to get on the road. Anyway, I really loved my time in San Francisco with Knucklehead. Before we left, we decided to make two final stops, once again to Amoeba (for gifts for hosts), and breakfast. Ameoba wasn't open yet, it being 10am on a holiday. So I begged and pleaded with the security desk guy, who was polite but firm. Another dude walks up from the store side of the locked door, I ask him. Tell him I just need two cds, I know exactly what and where they are, I'd pay him in cash, and so forth. He asks what two CDs, and I say "The Coup's Pick a Bigger Weapon and the New Orleans Social Club." He thought about it for a minute and went off into the cd racks. The first guy says to me, "You know he used play with The Coup, right?" Turns out he was their guitarist for the Party Music Tour. He also let me buy the cds. Still no Kill My Landlord there, though.

On towards Breakfast. Knucklehead wasn't super excited about stopping too long, but I talked her into checking out Zazie's with me. Heard about it on the chowhound boards, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan was it good. We got a few things and split em. It was great- turns out in San Francisco, you can buy just one pancake, which is great for osmeone like me who gets serious bouts of indecision when ordering breakfast. One pancake, these amazing roasted potatoes that came with whole roasted cloves of garlic mixed in (which i spread all over our toast), and a 3 mushroom/spinach/fontina omlette, fruit, toast. With drinks, it was about 20 bucks, and by far our best meal in San Francisco.

Monterey was incredible. We checked out the aquarium with J&NH3. They, like T, have been absolutely amazing hosts. They then showed us the scenic drive here at Monterey Bay, and it was absolutely fantastic. Words cannot do it justice, and hopefully we'll have pictures to share upon our return to NYC. But one of the most spectacular views of the ocean. Really tremendous. Got to see a sunset over the Pacific, which always makes me happy. Dinner on the water, a bit overpriced but tasty. Gotta get to bed, tomorrow's our big day alone!

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