Thursday, March 30, 2006

And you wonder why you're called Massholes?

Sorry, Massachusetts readers, but it seems your governor likes to use anti-miscegenation laws from 1913 to keep the queer community from being married (yes, I know romney's not from there). Even worse, your Supreme Court buys it. Fresh off the AP wire (courtesy of the sudan ad times):

Same-sex couples from states where gay marriage is banned cannot legally marry in Massachusetts, the state's highest court ruled Thursday.

The Supreme Judicial Court, which three years ago made Massachusetts the first state to legalize gay marriage, upheld a 1913 state law that forbids nonresidents from marrying in Massachusetts if their marriage would not be recognized in their home state.

''The laws of this commonwealth have not endowed non-residents with an unfettered right to marry,'' the court wrote in its 38-page opinion. ''Only non-resident couples who come to Massachusetts to marry and intend to reside in this commonwealth thereafter can be issued a marriage license without consideration of any impediments to marriage that existed in their former home states."

Full story here. So, to sum up: Queer community, you're closer to being full people in Massachusetts, but only if you live there. Otherwise, get to the back of the bus. And if you think my reference to civil rights is in poor taste, what do you think the law was FIRST used for?


Blogger BZ said...

Next steps:
MA voters should encourage their state legislators to repeal the 1913 law!

And (obviously) more states should put marriage equality into law.

4:36 PM  

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