Monday, August 07, 2006

Time has come today.

In 30 minutes, the first program of this year's institute that I play a role in begins. and in about an hour and change, the Institute offically kicks off.

I feel nervous. BZ and ER have put a whole lot of work into making this year's institute huge. We've got 20% more people than last year, coming in at roughly 300. And some great people from my life in the last year are here. Should be slammin. Knucklehead and I are just doing what we can to pitch in and keep things moving, while avoidng any requests that we be co-chairs of next year's institute (maybe '09, people). In additon to the new/newish person orientation, I've got a hand in a Klezmer Jam, the Coffee House, a poetry open room, and the musical instrument space for shabbas. Some of my favorite musicians to jam with have already returned, it should be awesome.

Shabbas with Knucklehead, ER and BZ was great. Saturday night, we were reminded of how things close on saturday nights in non major cites and that if you're making havdalah, you really should just ahve dinner at/near home. Ended up at a bland (but not tottally horrible) mexican place nearby.

Also at this year's insttute: Knucklehead's parents. and come to think of it, Bz's parents, ER's parents, and myfavoritejewishdrummer's parents and sister.

Alright. Here we go.


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