Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What your momma saw...

Talking Points Memo and TMP Muckraker are leading a grassroots combing of the latest attorneygate docudump. 3000 pages. Go help out if you have a moment. Some of the things people are citing are things we already know, but there's more and more stuff coming to the surface.

BZ, EAR and I were talking over the weekend about the crimes that were committed in Attorneygate. The right has been spinning that there was no crime here in the forceouts of these 8 attorneys, that clinton did this, that poppabush did this, and so forth. Neither of these Presidents did this kind of thing during their second term, no matter what the right says. But I posited to BZ the following crimes: Misleading Congress, Obstruction of Justice (influencing investigations, and also doubles as an ethics violation for at least two members of Congress), and a second Obstruction of Justice (the firing of Carol Lam). Turns out maybe I should've gone for that law degree after all. At least, according to the JM Times' Adam Cohen.

Buried at the bottom of the docudump avalanche? Check out this nugget in the AP wire:

In other trouble for the administration, the Justice Department's inspector general is to testify Tuesday and Wednesday before House and Senate committees on what he says was Justice's misuse of its power to secretly go through people's financial, Internet and other records in terrorism cases.

O RLY?! Color me surprised.

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