Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vote early and often. That's the Chicago way!

So, I know November is a few months away. But those of you who are itching to vote now, I have some ballots you can stuff.

1) The Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards final round is happening right now. Please, go, and vote. Oh, and while you're there, please feel free to vote for the following:

1) Jewschool- I'm a sometime contributor to this blog that has a lot of culture, religious and political perspectives that are definitely left of the mainstream (would you expect anything less of me?).

2) Mahrabu- BZ's blog. Because he's my bud. Oh, and because he's got really great stuff on his blog, on Judaism, physics, politics, and music.

3) Orthodox Anarchist- because Mobius, the site's author, is the mastermind behind Jewschool and some other great sites on the web. And after the ninja kitties fiasco, I'm hoping I can get him some votes so my cred isn't all damaged. :-) Seriously, he's done some awesome work on this stuff, and jewschool was one of the first sites that made me decide I wanted to blog.

You don't have to be Israeli or Jewish to vote in this thing. In fact, you can even vote once every three days. They do check IP addresses to stop ballot stuffing. Get some lefty (ie not insane-o nuke everyone) voices props in the Jerusalem Post. You know you want to.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough voting for you...

turns out I know someone in the Hip Hop Hoodios. Sort of. Went to college with him, Rico knows him, I knew him periferally. Then, he used to run the big Latin Alternative Music Conference while I was with 802. And now his cousin, who came in to help nail down a nail biter in the fall, emailed to let me know he's up for an award in the Jammies. You would think they knew that Jammies already exist, my man Bernie plays at them every year. Anyway, yes, give them love too. And check em out. The illest Sfardic-ish since eating corn on Pesach.


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