Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring has sprung the Queen of Freshchester would say. While it's clouding over a bit this fine Shabbas morning, it's positively lovely out. I walked out to Brain (my car) in shorts, and was comfortable. The type of day that make syou want to dance in the rain (when it comes).

New things grow with spring. And while I think of all the things I want the Riot Act to become, I think of new ideas for it. And so, since I'm missing the Melissa Ferrick/Erin McKeown show Sunday, we're going to have our first ever guest blogger, Schedule1, review one of the shows he's seeing. Now, Schedule1 and Crackerjack are having a fantastic weekend, one that I would do most weekends of the year quite easily: Poker, Melissa Ferrick/Erin McKeown in Philly, repeat in Manhattan. But this weekend, it's in third place, behind Kol Zimrah, Blackalicious, Melissa Ferrick/Erin McKeown, and my actual weekend, which I'll get into in a moment.

How do I know its spring? Well, amongst other things, the Rangers are 3 points away from clinching a playoff spot, and the Yanks are playing their last spring training game of the year. Now Tampanians (?) will have to watch the Devils Rays instead, while my beloved boys come back to the Bronx.

Also, because brother Mouseman is back visiting us from the wild wild west. Mouseman, His Highness and The Boy are heading upstate to relax in Jay, and visit our favorite watering holes in Lake Placid. It should be fantastic. Leaving in an hour. Will try to post from upstate.

Go to those shows!


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