Monday, August 07, 2006

The work.

Did a 45 minute phonebanking set from NH for Ned Lamont via Moveon just now. in my very poor sample set, crazy joe got 3 supporters, Ned got 2, and most everyone else played it close to the vest/didn't want to talk to me.

quote of the night?

"tell Lieberman the next time he kisses Bush, he can kiss him in the ass for me." from one of my two Lamont supporters.

I've been thinking about the work alot. Knucklehead and I went out to dinner last night with BZ, ER, and Itinerant Rabwhat, where we talked about how we do the work, make a difference, and keep from burning out. Found myself talking to IR about how she can have a positive impact organizing in the Jewish community, that we need people at all fields of this battle.

In the meantime, reading Kos, thinking about CT Sen and NY-19, I've been starting to feel the itch a little bit, missing the foxhole comeraderie and instant reactions and feedback of the political work. Saw JNK at the meters show, where we inevitably started talking about '08 and his involvement with the Edwards folks, which inevitably led to him saying, if you want in, lemme know. Now, he knows I still hold Feingold pipedreams, but realistically, with him and the Flamingo both down with JE, I imagine that's where I would end up if I went Presidential. But do I want to be on the road? Doing the work? Away from Knucklehead and everyone again? And realistically, the heavy lifting is in two pieces; getting the nomination, and when our guy wins, then the general, or folding into 527s if our guy loses to go after the repugnants.

'08 could be our last real chance. Could I live with myself if I let that go? Could I survive another 6/9/12 months on the road, away from Knucklehead and everyone I hold dear? Will I even find work with my new feelings about shabbas?


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