Thursday, March 22, 2007

NHL asks the questions I'm starting to wonder about fighting in hockey

Thanks, Canadian Press!

Colin Campbell, former WHA tough guy, Rangers coach, and current NHL disciplinarian:
"This year we've had two players carried out on stretchers because of fair, consenting fights that had taken place. . . . It scares you," said Campbell.

"You take a Tiger Williams, you take a Dave Shultz, or even a Bob Probert of the '90s, and you pit them against our players today - our players today are much bigger and stronger and more well-conditioned," said Campbell.

Jeremy Roenick makes a good counterpoint, though:
"I worry about what would happen if there wasn't a way to let out the frustration with a fight," said Roenick. "Because let's face it, there is absolutely no respect in the game any more, with the way guys are taking runs at people and with the cheap shots and the late hits. Guys are getting hurt. If you take fighting out all of a sudden these guys are going to take even more liberties because they don't have to be accountable for themselves.

"I think somebody is going to get hurt more from a vicious hit from a guy not being worried that he has to drop his gloves and get his ass kicked."

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