Friday, March 23, 2007

What's the difference between me and you?

The Congressional Research Service shows, finally, once and for all, that not only did Clinton not "do it too" when it comes to Attorneygate, but NO ONE has "done it too" (special knowledge to Think Progress, and of course, those hardworking folks at TPM):

– Of the 468 confirmations made by the Senate over the 25-year period, only 10 left office involuntarily for reasons other than a change in administration prior to the firings that took place in December.
– In virtually all of those 10 previous cases, serious issues of personal or professional conduct appeared to be the driving issue. Prior to December, for example, only two U.S. Attorneys were outright fired for improper, and in one case criminal, behavior. The CRS report identifies six other U.S. Attorneys who resigned during the 25-year period who were implicated in news reports of “questionable conduct.” For two others, the CRS was unable to determine the cause.

Marinate on that for a second. 10 times in 25 years, and then BOOM, 8 in one day. To axe US Attorneys for no outstanding reason in the middle of the term? NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

But it makes me wonder about a broader political question. It'll speak to my naivette about conservatives, perhaps, but it is bugging me. Why is it that I'm able to see when Democratic leaders are ferkakta, and yet Right Wingers don't seem to see it in their own? How can Republicans be so stuck on their talking points that they can't admit to themselves what is happening?

Look, I strongly dislike Bill Clinton. Sure, he doesn't look so bad now. But for 6 years, he pursued awful policy initiatives that helped lead this country to where we are today. He could've pushed us to look into clean energy and oil alternatives. He could've made sure there were labor and environmental provisions in NAFTA. He could have done any number of things. Instead, he took on Republican themes and made them his own. And yes, he's brilliant and a great speaker. But so what? He was the last Democratic President, but so what?!

Can these people who screamed "rule of law" until they were deaf when he was in office see the hypo-crazy in their pardon for Scooter drumbeat? Do they honestly believe obstructing justice and firing attorneys merely for not jumping as high as you want them to is okay? And as Bush sinks lower and lower, and as the curtain on the worst presidency in our illustrius history is pulled back, will they be able to question? Will they, as MM always says to me, "stop drinking the kool aid and think for themselves?" Can they see it? Will they see it? How can I see it and they not see it? It's a cliche to suggest they're mindless. Maybe this is why I've started reading Andrew Sullivan. I don't agree with him most of the time, but if we both stop drinking the koolaid, maybe we can find some common ground and make progress.

What's the difference between me and you?

Good shabbas.

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