Friday, June 22, 2007

The Judy Miller Times- name to stay until further notice

Until further notice, all pieces, no matter how much I like them, from the "liberal" paper of New York will be referred to either as the Judy Miller Times, or by their full name, the Wire Tap story burying, full section advertisement to the genocidal regime of Sudan selling, Red Sox owning Judy Miller times.

Why the change? After I was so close to relenting?

This morning's hit piece on my favorite in the 08 marathon was full of inuendo that turns out to be nothing. And it also turns out that, while slandering the work and the motives of John Edwards, they did (BIG SHOCK) precious little research into the actual people his anti-poverty project helped.

Of course, the hat tip as usual goes to the good folks at TPM media (Greg Sargent this time):

But if you are going to put such lines on your front page -- if you are going to publish an enormous story alleging that a person's antipoverty program was set up mainly to benefit the person who set it up -- then basic journalistic fairness would dictate that you make a genuine effort to see how the program fulfilled its "stated" purpose of helping people. Surprisingly, no mention of how the programs actually impacted people appears until the story's 18th paragraph -- and at that point it comes from the mouth of an Edwards spokesman. There's no indication that the reporter made any genuine independent effort at all to discover whether the programs helped anyone.

The mainstream media makes me want to vomit. A lot. All over them.

It's amazing to read stories like this and think of how lazy they've become. And that if I had just gotten a little more financial aid, I might have been stuck with an entire industry of lazy, sloppy, bogus clowns.

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