Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The JM Times... on the road near respectable?

More days like this, and I might even consider BZ's request and drop the JM from my moniker for them. Granted, they have a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG way to go, many sins to repent for, but today's edition is probably worth reading. The Business Section along... THE BUSINESS SECTION!

Number 1: Walmart Chief Writes Off New York
Personally, I'm worried this is some kind of ploy to get New Yorkers to let up, but an amazing coalition of unions, human rights groups, community advocates, environmentalists, mom and pop stores and New Yorkers who simply don't want to see that race to the bottom shit happen here in our city, have managed something no other place in the world has done. Getting H. Lee Scott Jr, COE of Walmart, to say "I don't care if we're ever here." Well we care. We hope you're NEVER HERE!

Number 2: Earth's Climate Needs the Help of Incentives
David Leonhardt's piece on how the market needs to be utilized to help get us off fossil fuels and stop destroying the planet. I like his premise, but he doesn't seem to mention a carbon tax, which in my mind, is a big flaw. Still, a decent read, and nice to see it getting front Business section treatment.

Number 3: Burger King Shifts Policy on Animals
Doing what Starbucks has started to do for fair trade coffee, a huge fast food producer takes baby steps towards somewhat more ethical food products, beginning a switch to cage free eggs and crate free pork. Not free range, not organic, and not local, but a start of something.

Plus, the Yankees are actually featured on the front page of the sports section. Who knew?

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