Thursday, June 14, 2007

We're gonna need a bigger bench

Great piece in In These Times by Adam Doster about the over decade long problem of how does the progressive movement create an effective support system to educate, train, and nurture the next generation of organizers. (h/t to Mike Connery on MyDD's breaking blue page)

As I've watched wave after wave of friends being chewed up and spit out by The Work, I'm truly glad to see pieces like this come out. And as someone who's shifting what he does to do the work in a slightly more stable way, I feel like this is a giant problem. From rank and file union activists chewed up by their own union, to people completely burned out by the crazy hours and lack of support, to people working thesmelves to serious exhaustion and other injuries, it is an absolute shame what The Work has done to people who were (some still are) willing to dedicate their life to this fight. Many of us are resiliant and figuring out how do it in other ways. But we're losing some valuable allies along the way, and we better do something about it, and quick.

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