Saturday, July 19, 2008

First day...

Knucklehead takes me to the airport, where we have a sad goodbye. I promptly bump into several members of the purple crew, on the same flight as me. everyone's clowning, it's nice to be back in the saddle. Flight is on a 32 seater. DG gives me crap b/c i kinda get nervous about the small planes. Smooth flight, but then the shuttle that's supposed to take us to our hotel (where we're staying for the first night) only takes to the conference hotel (where we're staying the rest of the week). And instead of an hour to sleep, another half hour/hour to shower and shave, we remain at the conference site, grumpy and defeated. Tempers are soothed by the emergence of some tasty corn and crab chowder. Dayum, that shit was dope.

Conference today is primarily some rah rah and some general lay of the land. Appreciate the info, but still not 100 percent clear on what the program is, though I know voter registration is definitely part of it. Ran into an old friend from Michigan, who wanted to know why I wasn't coming back. Man, is it weird that I miss Detroit? Seems like the plan is being put together as I type, and i'm excited to be part of that, being on the fly and whatnot, but it also feels a likkel chaotic.

Tomorrow, I think we really start to get into the details of it all. Now, for either a drink or an early bed time.


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