Sunday, April 02, 2006

Insomnia on the Northway...

It's official. It's 4am (really 5am after springing ahead) and all the beds I can call my own bring me no rest. Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and now in the topsecretbunkerupstate, I sit awake, talking to His Highness about the state of the world, and figuring out what the hell we're gonna do. Came up, in part, to put all that aside, because as the woman says, "I got a lot on my mind I do not need anymore." But even "my bed" downstairs in the compound brings no respite. Can't sleep, so I came upstairs to blog.

I miss Knucklehead, especially at moments like this (although granted, I'd have to wake her up if this moment of insomnia happened at 5:45am in NYC).

This is not to say the reunion with my brothers is anything short of awesome. It's so great up here, just relax, watch a shitload of sports, insult the hell out of each other... it's really a guy's weekend, and it's a lot of fun. His Highness has come a long way in his cooking prowess... i remember a few summers ago I showed him how to spice up a steak for the grill. Now, the fancy bastage is makin his own damn steak rubs. Almost brings a tear to my bloodshot eye. The Boy is doing great at college, sounds like he's really getting serious about school and a career. And of course, catching up with the Mouseman always a blast. Tomorrow, maybe mini-golf, poker, watch some hockey, go into Placid and chill.

Maybe I'll be able to get a much needed Ms. Pac Man fix, I've been jonesing for some Ms. Pac Man all week.

Mouseman is right, though... as wonderful as this place is for a respite, I'd go absolutely insane if I lived up here permanently. Maybe for when I write my masterpiece, i could hole up in here for a month or two. But beyond that would be absolutely crazy.

Anyway, gotta rest up for a big day of making home fries and omlettes, lots of leisure, root beer, His Highness's ribs, whiskey, and maybe a good night's sleep. Got a lot of thoughts to unveil, if I can only get up the strength...

Stay tuned for Schedule1's guest post on one of two Melissa Ferrick shows this weekend. I hear she's got the band with her this time, so GO SEE HER on Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happen to the Boogie Down? I feel isomnia every night, up looking at the northern lights, I grab a pen and write and spark a gem to ignite...If you han't figured out by now this is Anonymous a.k.a. The 13th floor rooftop assasin a.k.a. constant voicemail relayer to Ruky-K. I found your blog and I figured Ip drop a dime, read inbetween the lines and see what you will find. Call or email a brother. Happy to see your alive.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Ruby K said...

Yo I'm still Alive like Vedder/
but the cell phone ain't getting better/
it's gone and with it died your number/
email me with it cuz you ain't getting younger

waiting for a ring.
sorry i've been outta touch, let's do the damn thing.

2:36 PM  

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