Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I feel so strange right now. Last year, upon returning from the institute, Knucklehead and I went to an awesome Black August show that featured Mos and Kweli. Mos performed some Rock stuff that pushed the audience and then busted out some rhymes. He seemed a little off kilter that night, and so was I. Going from huggy-jew-lovefest in the middle of nowhere, NH to serious hip hop show in the middle of times square was jarring.

but even as I ease back into life, working from cocoabar in Brooklyn, hanging with AF and going over stuff for Brooklyn Funk friday, seeing Schedule1 briefly in the AM, I just feel very out of place and disoriented right now...

Maybe it's just the sleep depravation. More likely, I now understand the Brigadoon/Institute comparisons even better. This crazy community appears for a week, mostly, and evaporates. Now, I'm lucky, as I've got some great communities I'm plugged in to here in New York. And if I had to eat the FPC food all year, I'd probably freak out. But it just felt like home. And now home feels like someplace else.

it'll be easier when knucklehead is back from NH. But right now, exhausted and disconnected.


Anonymous Desh said...

Word, man. There are lots of benefits to having your real home be a transient, non-geographical community, but this is the drawback...

12:13 PM  
Blogger Ruby K said...

right. I mean, listen, New York City will always be home, but it's really messed up to feel so completely disoriented in my favorite place in the world.

12:17 PM  

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