Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's nice to know the stuff we suspected all along.

20 Political briefings on how to help the Republicans with 15 different departments?

I'd love to know where the rule of law folks are on this.

check the Washington Post for yourself.

The administration maintains that the previously undisclosed meetings were appropriate. Those discussing the briefings on the record yesterday uniformly described them as merely "informational briefings about the political landscape." But House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), who has been investigating the GSA briefing, said, "Politicization of departments and agencies is a serious issue. We need to know more about these and other briefings."

Ya think? This is atrocious. And somehow not very surprising. Someone get Lurita Doan's fingerprints off that glass... oh hey, moron, you're a federal employee, they ALREADY HAVE YOUR FINGERPRINTS.

Another legacy of the Chucklenutz administration.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

on things on hold.

I used to move words with my mind
now I mind when I'm moved by words
thirds and fifths were not intervals
of consumption
and I don't know if I have the gumption
to get back on the train

my game was sick back then.
poems weaving through subway cars
wafting out of bars
people had nightmares
about the fury raining on them a week later.

now I look up old friends
and think about missed chances
about giving away opportunities
about sacrificing skills and time
and dreadlocks
for a place I don't know can save itself.

I look at them with admiration and jealousy
and a twinge of regret
wondering if my best words
have been minced yet.