Sunday, January 13, 2008

And now, a sports post: It's not Romo's fault

... or at least, it's not the trip to Mexico's fault.

I can't tell you how happy I am the Giants won this evening. Especially their defeat of the inter division rivals Dallas Cowboys, a team my in laws, a good friend, and my cousin all root for. I heard a lot about how great the Cowboys were over Thanksgiving this year. And I'm ecstatic to have ammunition for the next 12 months in that war of words.

That said.

there are going to be a lot of articles written about Dallas QB Tony Romo's relationship with singer Jessica Simpson. Hell, there already have been. But save us all the trees, the ink, and pixels you're going to spend on that, it's not the fault of his trip. He had an off week, to rest and recharge. And he took his playbook and his girlfriend to Mexico, along with some of the guys, to relax. This wasn't against the rules. This wasn't against what his coach said. They were given clearance to do it, and took advantage.

Don't get me wrong, I hold athletes to high standards. I want to know where they get their sneaker money from, is it from sweatshops (most certainly). But hating on him for being the smiley kid who gets to play football and has the (by american beauty standards) "hot girlfriend"? The guy was given a perfectly legal weekend off, and he chose to take his work with him, and spend with his girl and some of his buddies. No harm there.

Stupid penalties? Absolutely. But many of the penalties were not his fault. Two poor decisions in the pocket about when to hold the ball and when to throw it away? Yes. But how about the Giants showed up and played well? Can you really blame Jessica Simpson for the Dallas loss? You can if you want. You'd be wrong, though.

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