Saturday, November 29, 2008

Surprise! The election isn't over yet!

Who: You
What: Phonebank for Jim Martin from your house via or at a phonebank
When: Over the next 4 days
Why: HUGELY IMPORTANT Senate Runoff in Georgia on 12/2.

I'd love to see you this week, NYers, but I'm leaving town again. But I was away for four months, right? Why am I leaving again?

Because the election ain't over.

There's a critical Senate runoff happening in Georgia on Tuesday between Democratic challenger Jim Martin and Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss.

And the results of all the hard work that you and I have put in the last weeks, months, years, could be severely hampered if Jim Martin loses

civics recap: a group in the Senate that wants to pass a bill generally needs 60 votes to limit debate. (enacting cloture)

Jim Martin puts the Democrats one seat closer to having that critical number. If you actually want President-elect Obama to actually enact all that policy he's been talking about, the Dems need to get to that number in the Senate. The economic stimulus package, health care reform, making it easier for people to organize unions, investing in our infrastructure, bettering education, all of those policy goals need the votes in the Senate to do it.

Runoffs come down to turnout. And even if you're not in Georgia, you can help. Go to a live phonebank in Greenwich Village, plenty of times available.

Or better yet, get yourself an account at, log in, and follow the links for the virtual phonebank.

Any time you can give in the next four days, give it to this. I know you're busy, but even an hour will make a difference. I'm going down to knock on doors, but we need everyone helping with this, so please, get on the phones and help Jim Martin win that Senate seat in Georgia!

Friday, November 07, 2008

GOTV and E-day highlights

Four years ago, I woke up in shock, thining somehow, I was just having a really vivid dream and was going to wake up, it was going to be E-Day, and we'd have a chance at victory. The last couple of days, my body has woken up early, ready to get everything together, do trainings, make sure the walk packs are right, scout stuff, everything. And I still am waking up, thinking I'm dreaming. Thinking that this is all a vivid dream I'm going to wake up from any moment.

And yet, possibly my favorite moment of the night, and winner of the JEJ honorary best motivation communication for 2008 was a text from Zappy reminding me that we've got to organize for the Employee Free Choice Act. Not to be Baron von Buzzkill, but while it's absolutely amazing we helped elect Barack Obama president, we still have a ton of work to do to actually get the change we really need.

Here are some of the highlights of the last week:

Schedule1, WvonW, Kungfujew, and KS showing up, with bagels and s&s cheesecake, at 1230am Saturday... and then Schedule1, WvonW and KFJ labelled campaign literature (lit) with me till 3am.

Sitting at the Strange Brew, a place I spent many nights the last three months, with some of the most important people in the world over two nights.

SC, BZ, DD, ABW, and SL singing the election fight song to me.

One Purple vol with a bad foot getting a ridiculous amount of knocks.

MK and SC going from new canvassers to team leads and trainers in a matter of weeks.

One Purple Team staying out till last knock of 7:45 on Eday. Hardcore and as it should be. The AP had called NH for Obama and Shaheen BEFORE THEY GOT BACK FROM THE FIELD!

After a week or managing logistics and being absolutely furious, getting to canvass on E-day with two of my new favorite organizers.

Getting to sit across the room from some amazing sisters from PP.

A lot of it is a blur, especially b/c this is the third day in a row i'm up way before i want to be. Joyous chants of "SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!" when we found out that not only had Obama taken New Hampshire, but all of our federal races were victorious!

Sobbing like a little kid for a half hour when the race was called.

more soon.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Four years, two days.

"I'm exhausted and going to bed, and I cannot help but feel that I failed you." ---November 3rd, 2004, 3am or som.

I'm exhausted and going to bed. And I cannot help but feel a little more hopeful today. Stories tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One Day More!

After a week of doing prep and logistics (ie running a bunch of the field stuff) I finally am loose on the streets of New Hampshire one last time, with two great purple siblings I've gotten to work with over the past few weekends.

What are you doing reading my blog? go phonebank! go knock on doors! NOW!

Remember, Remember

It's November.

It is time.

Bed for a brief nap, then off for one day more.

hope to have something good to say this time tomorrow.