Monday, July 28, 2008

Introduction of being a campaign lead...

when folks don't have all the information they need, they WILL call you at six am.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wel-come to Brooklyn

Bet y'all didn't think I'd be back so soon!

Alright, so actually, I'm in Brooklyn, Ohio. In Cuyahoga County. One of the towns that makes up the greater Cleveland area. And already I've had a few funny moments in the BtothaKOhai!

1) I've already nearly been escorted off a supermarket premises and been arrested. Seriously.

Ok, so it wasn't about registering folks or picketting. It was about my propensity to not use plastic bags at the supermarket. I picked up three small items at the giant supermarket. I paid. I walk out. Then a woman, with a security guard, another cashier, and a member of Brooklyn's finest following behind her, demanded to see my receipt. I was really tired, and grumpy, but i managed to be very chill and calm, and said, oh, you mean this receipt? They were sufficiently embarassed and apologetic. I laughed to myself, "wait till i bring ten rowdy organizers here to register folks to vote, then you'll really be mad."

2) I'm out here in Ohio working with a social justice organization on the election. I got offered two gigs, in New Hampshire and in Georgia with the Obama campaign that I didn't take. And while i'm walking away from my incident with the supermarket folks, my phone rings. It's an ohio number, not sure who. I pick up. It's the Obama campaign in Ohio. Do I want to come on board? I laugh, and tell them you'll never guess where I am...

Welcome to Brooklyn.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 2 wrapup

The morning sessions were fantastic, and should've been made part of organizing 101 for every union and progressive non profit in history. The first was on leadership development, how to help build new leaders through making sure they're invested in the work, finding their passions, talents and treating them like human beings. The second was an intense, powerful, 40 year political history of how the conservative movement made political strides and what are things progressives have to do to take the country back, with the biggest piece being accountability and support for leaders after election day. Gotta head to breakfast now, but incredibly power stuff yesteday morning. didn't need coffee till the afternoon.

A real life (brief) canvass today. As a dry run. putting together our packets was a trip. Saw several members of the on the ground team from 04 and they yelled at me wanting to know why i wasn't coming back to Michigan. Sigh. More later!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the power of positive thinking...

I sleep like crap in new places. Had some strange dreams and was up at 4:30. Went back to sleep and I was walking around the 91fo with the Full Boat and Schedule1. We were going to my childhood home for a birthday dinner and quiet victory party. I thought to myself, wow, that went by quick... and then the alarm went off.

Gettin in the shower.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

First day...

Knucklehead takes me to the airport, where we have a sad goodbye. I promptly bump into several members of the purple crew, on the same flight as me. everyone's clowning, it's nice to be back in the saddle. Flight is on a 32 seater. DG gives me crap b/c i kinda get nervous about the small planes. Smooth flight, but then the shuttle that's supposed to take us to our hotel (where we're staying for the first night) only takes to the conference hotel (where we're staying the rest of the week). And instead of an hour to sleep, another half hour/hour to shower and shave, we remain at the conference site, grumpy and defeated. Tempers are soothed by the emergence of some tasty corn and crab chowder. Dayum, that shit was dope.

Conference today is primarily some rah rah and some general lay of the land. Appreciate the info, but still not 100 percent clear on what the program is, though I know voter registration is definitely part of it. Ran into an old friend from Michigan, who wanted to know why I wasn't coming back. Man, is it weird that I miss Detroit? Seems like the plan is being put together as I type, and i'm excited to be part of that, being on the fly and whatnot, but it also feels a likkel chaotic.

Tomorrow, I think we really start to get into the details of it all. Now, for either a drink or an early bed time.

New York says goodbye with love...

barely asleep, and then...


I love our city too.

I'll be home soon, boroughs.

misadventures in packing

Last time, I took my car out to where I was, so if I wasn't sure whether or not i wanted to take something, screw it, I just took it. :-)

But now, I've got a bag and a carry on. Kinda puts things in perspective. Non essentials can be purchased. Clothes, books, and music are going now. Oh hey! Speaking of music, if you've got suggestions of good tunes out there, something you're really digging as you listen to it, send the suggestions my way.

Gonna go nap before the flight. This should be fun!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Last Supper...

... well, of course it should be on Arthur Avenue. :-D

Knucklehead and I grabbing a bite of some of the best Italian food on this island called North America before I she drives me to the airport tomorrow morning. I'm still pretty much in denial, i think, that i'm going to be gone for four months. Wow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Initiate countdown sequence...

Hello all!

So, maybe a little birdie told you this blog might be updated more regularly, hrm? Well, if you were interested in hearing what I'm doing over the next several months as part of an election effort, you've come to the right place. Know that I'm keeping the blog semi-nonymous, which means I'll be using intials, abbreviations, and nicknames in my descriptions. Right now, I'm still in the boroughs, and still in shock. I haven't even begun to vaguely pack. Knucklehead may not be pleased when I call her to ask to send me stuff (note to folks new to the Riot Act: Knucklehead, my partner, was a nickname of her choosing and she likes it).

Saturday I leave for training in Columbus, then it's deployment. Wow. the clock is ticking.

Welcome back to the Riot Act.