Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wel-come to Brooklyn

Bet y'all didn't think I'd be back so soon!

Alright, so actually, I'm in Brooklyn, Ohio. In Cuyahoga County. One of the towns that makes up the greater Cleveland area. And already I've had a few funny moments in the BtothaKOhai!

1) I've already nearly been escorted off a supermarket premises and been arrested. Seriously.

Ok, so it wasn't about registering folks or picketting. It was about my propensity to not use plastic bags at the supermarket. I picked up three small items at the giant supermarket. I paid. I walk out. Then a woman, with a security guard, another cashier, and a member of Brooklyn's finest following behind her, demanded to see my receipt. I was really tired, and grumpy, but i managed to be very chill and calm, and said, oh, you mean this receipt? They were sufficiently embarassed and apologetic. I laughed to myself, "wait till i bring ten rowdy organizers here to register folks to vote, then you'll really be mad."

2) I'm out here in Ohio working with a social justice organization on the election. I got offered two gigs, in New Hampshire and in Georgia with the Obama campaign that I didn't take. And while i'm walking away from my incident with the supermarket folks, my phone rings. It's an ohio number, not sure who. I pick up. It's the Obama campaign in Ohio. Do I want to come on board? I laugh, and tell them you'll never guess where I am...

Welcome to Brooklyn.


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