Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 2 wrapup

The morning sessions were fantastic, and should've been made part of organizing 101 for every union and progressive non profit in history. The first was on leadership development, how to help build new leaders through making sure they're invested in the work, finding their passions, talents and treating them like human beings. The second was an intense, powerful, 40 year political history of how the conservative movement made political strides and what are things progressives have to do to take the country back, with the biggest piece being accountability and support for leaders after election day. Gotta head to breakfast now, but incredibly power stuff yesteday morning. didn't need coffee till the afternoon.

A real life (brief) canvass today. As a dry run. putting together our packets was a trip. Saw several members of the on the ground team from 04 and they yelled at me wanting to know why i wasn't coming back to Michigan. Sigh. More later!


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