Saturday, August 11, 2007

As Shabbos draws to a close in Rindge...

Live, from right next to the undisclosed location I'm watching the sun slowly creep behind the mountains and feeling my mind drift back towards my new home, my new job, and all of my friends I haven't been seeing for the past week.

But I'm trying to stay focused on the friends here, some of whom I won't see for a long time, and on Shabbos, as it wanes, something to take with me and something I'll DEFINITELY need over these next three weeks.

NHC Summer Institute 2007 has been a good one, although I have felt stretched a little thin, taking responsibility for three of the evening programs (including the fairly time intensive Night of Entertainment) and having new Board responsibilities. It's been difficult, having a lot of responsibility without the power to do something immediately about it (something I kinda had last year as de-facto co vice chair). And I'm sad I'm most likely going to miss next year's institute with getting us a new president in the forefront of my mind. JG said she'd organize phonebanking, and if she's at Institute, I will hold her to it. Maybe I'll think of a way to do a time-matching campaign, like if my friends can guarantee they can get enough phonebankers for 30 person hours, I can come for Shabbos.

SF and the rest of the planning committee did a solid job, so congrats to them. I'm just trying to enjoy these last few minutes before it's obvious that we have to return from Brigadoon.

tseischem l'shalom...

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