Monday, April 03, 2006

the boys will be boys...

So we're sitting around, in our undisclosed location, and things are going as planned. Barbeque (with His Highness making a nice homemade barbeque sauce), whiskey and beer, movies, and general foolishness. Mouseman's had a couple beers, I've had some whiskey, and The Boy just... well, let's just say we've all regressed about 10 years (except The Boy, who seems to be about the same age). Kinda the total opposite of last night, where His Highness and I were up talking about deep shit.

Knucklehead was excited I could be up here with the fellas, and I'm glad to be here. But the trip has its mellow, almost meditative side as well... Walked around Lake Placid, and just looked out on Mirror Lake for a while. Hit up the Candy Man, our local sweets supplier for the last (at least) dozen years, and also swung by "With Pipe and Book" a fantastic used bookstore and tobacco shop, to find souveneirs and perhaps a postcard that won't get mailed. The lawnchairs on Mirror Lake are one of my favorite places to be on the whole planet. I could just crack open a root beer and sit there. Those seats are among the few places I can find some serenity.

Tomorrow, we leave this little peace of peace and head back. Work will be going full swing, my cough will hopefully be gone, and it's time to get settled in places that aren't the 914. It's been a gift to have this time with my brothers, even as we smack each other around and call each other every name in the book. Maybe a decent night's sleep is ahead of me. I still have so much to write, to think.

Knucklehead, Schedule1 and Crackerjack are all at the Melissa Ferrick show. Look out soon for a review.

Recommendation: When you're in Lake Placid, make sure to stop by the Candy Man and pick up their Maple chocolates. You've never had anything like 'em, they're great for even the most discerning sweet tooth. And check out With Pipe and Book for hidden literary treasures. Oh, and be ready to throw projectiles at my brothers. that's what I gotta go do...


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