Tuesday, August 15, 2006

39.9 years in the desert (version 1.2)

Hey all, check out this poem I've been working on. and feedback is welcome (not that i'll listen to it all)

39.9 years in the Desert

(nign from tradition)
ya nai nai nai nai naaaaaaaaaai
yai nai nai nai nai naaaaaaaaaaai

yai nai nai nai nai naaaaaaaaaaaih
yai nai nai nai

We're coming
whether you like it
irrespective of position
or permission
breaking down traditions
so you can understand em,
Oild leaders lose their vision and
it's up to youth to see, See?

Wash away our ancient grudge
in the rising tide of new blood

i have already wasted too many moments
on sectarian whims
and when we begin
the final fight
between right and fooled,

squandered opportunities will leave us schooled,

so i say NO MORE!

Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command,

so its tme we stand and
stick our shoes in the gears
fabricating our fears.

We're coming.
Fiery gaze in hand
Blazing across the land by house by house
by block by street

by the strength of our feet
and the fury of our hearts

What force on earth is weaker then than the feeble strength of one?

We're coming to take what it is ours, and Baruch Hashem,
You are not going to fuck it up

The floors shake in the wake of our footsteps,
But the Eart rises to greet us when
she thinks we're going to stumble

We're humble but proud
Raucous and loud,
but you'll never see us coming till it's time

tick tick tick tick

Traditiooooooooooon, tradition!

History dictates that leadership must change
the movement rearrange
for us to build a future
so it is time for you to step aside
put your leadership myths away

Revolutioooooooooooooon, revolution! Tradition!

Acheinu veAchyosaynu,
You don't need to wait for Moses
You are Moses.

WE are Moses.
And it's time to grab the staff, part the sea,
and step through receeding waters,

Breaking down traditions
so you can understand em,
Time to unhand em, along with the keys and the leadership
to the helm of this personship,
because irrespective
of your position,
or your permission
We're coming.


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