Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mo Knows Math.

Or, as FullBoat would say, in reference to our old Disneysweatshop tee shirts, "Do the math, mutherfucker!"

I'm tired. Had an amazing weekend where I co-lead Kol Zimrah on saxophone with avahatcafe, saw LastTrumpet, my new baby niece along with mommapoet and DD, my cousin in from France, my cousin and my baby cousin moved back from Texas, Snakes on a Plane and a delicious dinner with the NefariousOnes, a Yankees FIVE GAME SWEEP OVER THOSE SUCKERS, and am still somehow disappointed, depressed, and exhausted.

Don't have a lot of words, and so I figure I'll instead give some props to Mobius, who's clearly done the math in his genius o'clock in his post from yesterday. Peep it:

See to be a “good Jew” today, you don’t have to care about Torah. You don’t have to practice Judaism. You don’t have to believe in G-d. You don’t have to be educated in your history. You don’t have to be educated in our source material. You don’t have to learn gemara. You don’t have to lay tefillin. You don’t need to know a word of Hebrew. You don’t have to keep a single mitzvah or even know what a mitzvah is — sorry to tell you, it doesn’t mean “good deed.” No. You just need to unyieldingly, unquestioningly support Israel in every military decision (unless those decisions aren’t brutal enough against our supposed enemies, in which case, feel free to dissent). You need to perceive of a black and white world in which all Arabs and Muslims are evil and all Jews are good and innocent and worthy of your unconditional support. Nevermind what the Torah says about provoking both the wrath of G-d and the wrath of the nations. Nevermind capital-T Truth at all. Sieg heil, sieg heil, and “you’re okay in my book.”

You know — it’s not even that I don’t support Jewish emancipation or self-determination, because clearly I do. And I obviously believe there are psychotic pricks in this world who have a lust for Jewish blood who need to be confronted head-on. But it’s not even the point.


nice to have folks out there who are also saying this stuff. it reminds me i'm not crazy.


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