Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Live Free or Die Hard

Well, dear readers, I'm sure you've noticed a pattern where if crazy ish is going on, chances are I'm not blogging nearly as much. So, a week plus later finds me in a new state, with a new team and a new focus.

I wasn't happy to leave buckeye territory, and don't want to get into gory details on a blog, b/c at the end of the day, everyone's out trying to get the good Senator from Illinois elected. But I had a difficult time with some of the people out there; we had differences of opinion. The difference was they thought my opinions didn't really matter, even though I brought several campaigns worth of experience, and my canvass team was the most productive out there.

But G-d works in funny ways. After a crazy month, and having a hard time accepting that I would be missing it and not one but two incredible weddings, I found myself arriving in New Hampshire for the final days of the National Havurah Committee's Summer Institute. This is particularly fitting because next year, Knucklehead and I are co-chairs. WOO! But the amazing outpouring of love from the community was just what the doctor ordered. After several shabboses by myself, one hosted by Aschill's parents, to go from an hour drive from shul to many of my favorite yidden in the same place was just plain amazing. And Saturday evening, after an extremely rough two days of travel, Knucklehead beat Havdalah to Tute by about a half hour. It was so great to see her after a month apart and two weeks of nearly no communication. After a brief cameo at the closing program, and fielding several great requests and ideas about 2009, Knucklehead and I, along with a few friends, headed to a wedding! Incredible wonderful celebration! The loving partners were both so joyous and made a day that was truly their ownm from the thoughtful words in the ceremony to the fair trade chocolates on the tables. Outstanding, inspiring, life affirming. The loving partners even told Knucklehead and I that they were inspired by our use of Rachel Adler's Bris Ahuvim, so always nice to get props there. :-D The simcha dancing was absolutely amazing, and a little too much so as we had three injuries! i started telling this particular Jew-crew that we need mandatory stretching before the simcha dancing.

Knucklehead then worked it out so she could drive me to my new place in the Granite State. We had dinner and then, both of us totally exhausted, collapsed into bed. But the amazing thing about this transfer to NH is now I get to see Knucklehead three weekends in a row! Craziness! And, I also get to nag you beantown area readers to come volunteer with me. COME VOLUNTEER WITH ME! In fact, if you're in the northeast, come volunteer with me. Pennsylvania will be okay, and NH not only has the Presidency, but a critical challenge in the Senate if we want to get to 61 votes (Lieberman proof) and two first term House Dems that need a hand as well.

Alright, going to try to get some sleep. And one last thing about G-d working in funny ways. It wasn't my decision to leave Ohio. But I've got major downticket races, people that know how to use new technology, technology that makes canvassing easier, and a pool at my new long term hotel. Most importantly, I get to go to two weddings, see more friends and family that I love, and be closer to Knucklehead. Maybe this really is all for the best.

Day 2 in Granite is in a few hours. Wish me luck!


Blogger Aliza said...

i want to come volunteer with you! but i don't have a car. i'm planning to canvas with a group from cambridge/somerville this saturday. where in nh are you?

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