Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Letter Home.

Dear New York,

Make no mistake, I'm always thinking of you. Hell, even when I'm with you, i'm thinking of you. But being on the road for the last two months, knowing I'm away for another two months, makes me think about you alot. Dinner at any time is nice, as is breakfast at any time. But this is a more visceral people, places and things feeling.

Mostly the people.

Every time I fly home, when i see the familiar landmarks on the approach (hey, that's New Jersey! or hey, that's Long Island!) I get misty eyed. And I usually play every single New York song I have on my ipod, and sing the ones I don't have on here.

It's not just the people. I mean, I don't get nostalgic to the point of near tears for Franklin Pierce college itself. Random memories of places, things. When I proudly tell people I was part of the inspiration for the "City of Blinding Light" by U2:

I read an interview with Bono when he describes how he came up with the City of Blinding Light. On October 24th, 2001, U2 played a show at Madison Square Garden. At one point, the lights went up (actually, several times the lights went up) and he saw the crowd, rocking out, crying, being there and dealing with all of it, and he was inspired by the beauty of it. I was there. Crying, rocking out, being there and wrestling with it all.

Four times in the last seven years, on this day, I've been working on political campaigns. Only one of them was actually in New York City itself. Michigan in 2004, New York City in 2005, Upstate New York in 2006, and now in New Hampshire this year. Each and every time, I'm working to make a better world for all of us, including and especially all of us in the boroughs. Watching how this government has turned the suffering of my city into a thoughtless punchline is just one of the many reasons I work to get the people of the US better elected officials in government.

But when I wake up this morning, away from you all, it won't be easy. I mean, it's never easy to be away from you all. But the memories of this day remind me of all the reasons I'm here, and of all the reasons I wish I was with you right now.

"Dear New York, this is love letter."--- Mike D.


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